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"Jaylis are very much a breath of fresh air. Nothing pretentious, nothing pretend, just lovely music designed to be enjoyed by an audience baying for simplicity and calm." 
Louder than war

Louder Than War

Swiss band Jaylis could be one of those much underrated gems. Fronted by Sandra Loerincik Barrat whose sugar sweet tones fall somewhere on the scale between Emiliana Torrini and Jane Weidlin...


The Delete Bin

For those of you hungry for Gallic pop music (although here sung in English) comes Geneva, Switzerland’s Jaylis, who delivers this sumptuous slice of cloudy day folk rock, full of sixties French pop influence.

My Random Jukebox


It has such a gentle tone that it is almost a whisper and it never fails to spellbind me with each listen. The music delivered on the keys and organ produces a tender atmosphere which helps to make this song so flawless to me...


Independant Clauses


As a whole, Jaylis follows up their first album with a standout EP. My Lonely Shadowcombines many musical elements, including brilliant vocal harmony done through vocal looping, to create a sound all its own...


Le cargo


On vote d’autant plus que ces demoiselles savent parfaitement allier douceur, sautillements musicaux et demi-teintes avec pointes mélancoliques dans le chant...




Pour son album, Jaylis nous fait la démonstration qu’il suffit de peu pour qu’une chanson « fonctionne ». Une voix claire et légère posée sur une guitare acoustique...


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